SET Financial joins Toys for Tots team

SET Financial, an independently owned lending company, has joined the ranks of thousands of businesses and organizations across the country in support of the U.S. Marine Corps’ Toys for Tots program. From right, manager Nancy Neel and assistant branch manager KC Rippy stand next to a collection of toys ready for pick up in the […]

What is a title loan? Signature loan? Auto title loan?

In today’s economy, many young adults and young couples experience temporary financial hardship due to some unforeseen unfortunate circumstance. Corporate downsizing and outsourcing, factory closings, and company bankruptcies make news headlines every day. Trading a weekly paycheck for an unemployment check could unbalance any young adult’s budget. For a young couple, a sudden income reduction […]

How to Choose Personal Financial Software

Personal finance software helps you easily compile information for your taxes and manage your money. However the large number of different choices and their equally confusing feature list can make your head spin faster than that DVD in your stereo! Here are some tips for selecting a package for your family. How to Choose Personal […]

How to Set Up a Family Budget

If you’re tired of running out of money at month’s end, you’re not alone. Unfortunately, unless you’ve been tracking what you spend each month, coming up short is all too easy. A well-thought out family budget can help you avoid unpleasant surprises. Working Out Your Finances All families are different, and no specific budget will […]