Advantages of a SET Financial Dealer account

With our sales financing program, you can accept applications in your place of business and submit them to us for an immediate loan decision. Your customers leave your store with their purchase without having to visit our office. Your customers are happy and you reap the benefits:

  • Increased sales – close deals you might otherwise lose.
  • Increased profits – more sales, more profits…it’s that simple.
  • Increased customer loyalty and satisfaction because of purchasing options.
  • Ability to offer customized lending options without the burden of managing the financing process inside your business.

How it works

  • All qualified South Carolina shoppers will be considered for financing through Set Financial.
  • As with our personal loan business, all of our dealer retail sales loan offers are subject to credit approval and customer acceptance.
  • Dealers and their account managers determine qualifications before we begin the process. – Contact us for more information.